Attached is Version UK 2.7 for the S601b Multiplatform Signal Meter

It’s in the following zip file, this can be copied onto a memory stick.

Plug the stick into the side of the meter and from the MENU select “System Setting” scroll up or down to “Upgrade” and select “Yes”, open the zip folder to find rom.bin and press”OK”.

If you cannot find it you may need to take the rom.bin file out of the zip folder before copying to the memory stick.

To confirm scroll down to “Version” in the “System Settings” the S/W version should end in 2.7

The main changes have been to reduce the number of satellites to just those visible from the UK and Ireland and set the default to Astra 28.2.  This is just a time saver to avoid scrolling through every satellite every time you switch on.

In DVB-S2 having selected “Ku_Astra_2E” you can now select several LNB options

KU Band = standard Quad, Twin or Single

UK Wideband = Wideband with 10.41 LO as used for Sky Q domestic installations

Unicable = dSCR to European standard

dCSS = single cable Sky Q

C Band = Irish channels