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Ideal for distributing TV/FM/DAB signals to 4 TVs and/or radios

This fully screened distribution amplifier carries analogue/digital TV and radio, FM/DAB, Freeview, DVB-T and DVB-T2 HD TV signals and has:

  • Separate inputs for VHF (Band III TV, FM and DAB digital radio) and UHF (Freeview, DVB-T and DVB-T2 HD digital TV)
  • Automatic line powering on the UHF input to power a masthead pre-amplifier for fringe reception areas or if you have a long cable run from aerial to amplifier
  • A built-in Class 3 4G filter providing 45dB interference protection
  • More efficient Switch-Mode Power Supply which runs cooler
  • Improved gain fatness delivering a better balance across the performance range
  • Lower noise figure for optimised signal quality
  • Greater signal handling capacity to cope with more channels
  • Better impedance matching and therefore improved signal transfer from amp to cable
  • Compliant with the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU* and meets harmonised standard EN 303 354 for product Type D, Class 3


Specifications LDA204LR
No of Inputs/Outputs 2/4 +
Frequency Range VHF 87-230MHz, UHF 470-782MHz
Gain per port 10dB
Gain flatness +/-1dB
Noise Figure Typical <3.0dB
4G protection Class 3 Typical -45dB
Isolation between outlets 20dB
Max. output level (IMA3 -60dB) 90dBµV
Return loss Input/Output 12dB/10dB
Auto Line Power on UHF 12V�50mA
RED, EMC and LVD Compliant
Built-in Power Supply 220V~50hz <3W
Dimensions 184 x 85 x 35mm


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