Labgear was founded in Cambridge, England, over sixty years ago and its expertise is in developing and producing high quality aerial and other reception equipment. Labgear has an enviable reputation for innovation, quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Labgear makes products that, quite simply, enable the best possible sound and vision to be delivered to and from TVs and A/V systems.


SLx specialises in the manufacturer of indoor and outdoor aerials, aerial accessories and essentials, TV brackets and wall mounts, cables, connectors and AV accessories. By understanding the needs of the customer, all products are built for performance and take a modern approach to design without compromising on quality.


i-Star provides the latest accessories for your smartphone or tablet at value for money prices. We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that all of our products sport the latest technology, all of our Apple products are MFI approved using licensed chipsets which ensures forward and backwards compatibility.


Founded in 2012, i-Box is a British consumer electronics company with the ethos of creating products with a difference. We are committed to bringing the highest quality consumer products to the market with the latest technological innovations including portable speakers, audio accessories and phone accessories.


Philex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of antenna, signal distribution, audio video accessories, computer and electrical power products. Philex markets both retail and trade orientated products through an extensive network of wholesalers, distributors and retailers including Europe and the Far East.


Our new Qubic rage of modular power extensions is a great example of how we took the issue of an ever decreasing amount of available sockets in our homes and developed a system that can expand & grow with your needs. As and when you require additional sockets or extra features like TV protection & USB charging, simply click in a new module!


When babies are not feeling well, they cry because they cannot say what is wrong. To give parents peace of mind, Wishbone can quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data. Wishbone is a small, easy-to-use thermometer that measures and monitors temperatures using a smartphone.


The Thor 4K Image Enhancing Cable works differently from other HDMI cables on the market, it comes complete with a state of the art processing chip. The chip uses the latest technology to analyse the incoming signal before adjusting the definition, sharpening the edge lines and even reducing any video noise before sending this enhanced signal to the TV screen.


NightWatcher brings you a range of innovative security solutions specifically designed to protect your home or business. Our philosophy is that it is always better to deter intruders and so our products are designed specifically to discourage unwanted visitors from entering your property.


TriStar offers a wide range of products including audio visual leads, HDMI with Ethernet in its various variations; satellite and coaxial cables, optical, SCART, stereo and Phone cables. With an excellent build quality at excellent prices, TriStar products will fulfil your demands.


OneAdaptr is a science and design company immersed in the business and leisure travel lifestyle. Whether you need to charge your tech, power your MacBook, adapt your travel iron or all 3 simultaneously, Twist adapters work in over 150 countries worldwide and have our patented Twist-Lock-Release mechanism for easy & quick operation.


The most affordable, complete connected home solution. Insteon make simple, easy-to-use devices that let you control and monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet. You can easily install an Insteon system on your own, without any expertise or automation background and then control it from any smartphone, tablet or computer without paying any monthly fees.