Ready For 4K Star Wars From Disney+?

It is reported that it will be March 31st, 2020 before Disney+ can launch in the UK, most of the delay caused by the complexities of restructuring licensing agreements with Sky. When it does launch it arrives with an impressive catalog of content, not only from Disney but also Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star…


Radio Frequency Spectrum Auctions In Spring 2020

Ofcom recently announced their updated proposals to release more of the RF frequency spectrum to help improve mobile services and enable more people and businesses to access 5G networks through an auction in spring 2020. Commitment to improving mobile coverage Initially Ofcom proposed including coverage obligations in their auction rules but following discussions between mobile…

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Direct Marketing – Visiblewave Has The Right Idea

Direct marketing can be the most effective way of communicating but, for the manufacturer selling through a network of distributors, it can be difficult to accurately target the end user … or maybe not. visiblewave have got the right idea.  The next 5000 x VK4L QUAD LNB’s that are shipped out of Bedford will contain…


New Electrical Test Meter Range

Labgear are proud to announce the arrival of our new Electrical Test Meters. This range of Electrical test meters has been designed for both Electricians and the keen DIY’er. Using innovative designs and the latest technology to simplify the testing process, these products save time and reduce opportunities for errors in test selection.


Labgear In SVI Magazine

We are very happy to announce Labgear now has an entry in the SVI (Sound & Vision Install) Trade Magazine. – SVI Magazine “The trade’s finest home electronics resource”


Visiblewave Launch a New 2-in-1 Hybrid LNB

The visiblewave experts have come up with a new solution to keep legacy satellite running alongside the new wideband format used by SkyTM and other broadcasters across Europe, a Hybrid LNB containing both a Wideband and a Quad.  A simple solution when both sets of signals come from the same satellite that solves a growing…


Labgear First Again

A table full of compliance reports from DTG Testing Almost as soon as the DTG’s testing division gained accreditation to do testing for the Radio Equipment Directive Standard EN303354 Labgear submitted its range of indoor and masthead signal amplifiers. The results are evident in the picture above, every Labgear product passed with flying colours. “Labgear…


New Labgear Catalogue

A new catalogue is a great opportunity to showcase our product range but in a rapidly evolving market you can expect to see things continue to develop and our website will be updated regularly to reflect this…


The Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

In June of this year the Radio Equipment Directive comes into force and Labgear are ready with an updated range of products with enhanced filtering to meet the new Standards. As a leader in the manufacture of filters Labgear has welcomed this move which it is hoped will ensure poor quality products are removed from…