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LDU608R – 6 input 8 output

  • Designed to distribute any combination of SkyTM, Sky+TM, FM, DAB, UHF and CCTV signals around the home
  • Built-in mode switch optimises the unit according to requirements – either for systems with a satellite receiver, or those without


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Specifications LDU608R
Number of inputs 6
Number of outputs 8
Gain to outputs +/-7dB
Noise Figure 4dB
FM 88-108MHz -4dB
DAB 217-230MHz -5dB
UHF (Downlink) 470-790MHz 2.5dB
CCTV 470-862MHz -6.5dB
SAT 1 950-2300MHz -1.5dB
SAT 2 950-2300MHz -1.5dB
LNB rejection in UHF >40dB
Uplink gain 470-790MHz -8dB
Return path 3-10MHz
Return path gain 0dB
All outputs IR enabled >9V/15mA short circuit protected
LNB line power -20V/400mA
UHF line power 12V/400mA
F-connectors IEC 60169-24
Power requirements 220-240V~50/60hz 250mA typical


Instruction manual coming soon!